Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil Review


Nutritionists describe coconut oil as the healthiest oil among the other available oils. Raw and unrefined virgin coconut oil is the best product when it comes to nutritional value. Oil extracted from coconuts grown using natural means with the application of the cold press process retains its original flavor, nutrient content, color and texture.

Carrington Farms is an American company with its headquarters in New Jersey. Since their inception in the year 2000, they have associated themselves with the production of non-genetically modified, 100% organic, delicious health food items.

All of the products manufactured by Carrington Farms are aimed towards the health-conscious consumers within the states and beyond. The company also provides a comprehensive range of products that includes coconut oil and flax seed oil products.

Both of these items are known to provide nourishment to the hair, cleanses and shines nails and assists people to lose weight.

The cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil manufactured by Carrington Farm is high in nutrient content that is essential for maintaining energy levels and overall condition of the human body.


The Carrington Farm’s Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is certified pure and organic. They add no chemicals, artificial sweeteners, coloring agents and flavors to enhance the product by any means.

The oil is extracted from the coconut meat by cold pressing the same using high pressure. This process is essential and beneficial to the manufacturer to retain the nutrient content within their product.

Pure & organic

The coconut oil is made using cold press process that allows it to retain all of its nutritional values and nutrient content. Consumers can enjoy the delicious taste of the product straight from the containing jar.

The oil changes its state as soon as the ambient temperature around the jar drops below 25 degree Celsius all the while retaining the natural taste and flavor. The company made sure that their product does not contain any trace chemicals of any kind. They don’t use any solvents during the extraction process.

Made from natural coconuts

The coconuts used as the raw material for oil extraction are sourced from plantations that make the use of organic farming techniques and sapling with non-genetically modified traits.

Easily digestible

The coconut oil from Carrington Farms is packed with easily digestible medium chain fatty acids which spares the gallbladder from hard work of producing extra bile juice.

Excellent moisturizing properties

Coconut oil is known for its moisturizing properties and can be used to provide nourishment to the skin through direct absorption. Even after application, the product does not create a thin film on the skin surface and close up all pores ultimately resulting in additional instances of acne.

Hair conditioning properties

Coconut oil can be used as a leave-in conditioner as it is ideal for healthy hair. Similar to the application on the skin, when applied on the scalp and hair it does not disturb the balance of the natural oils in the scalp.

Coconut oil is known to provide cleansing and conditioning properties to the user all the while nourishing the hair from its root to tip.

Can be used as a natural soap

The Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Carrington Farms can also be used as the natural cleansing agent. Bar soaps and liquid bath soaps remove dirt along with the natural oils of the skin that results in the chapped and dry skin. It is advised to apply coconut oil after taking a bath for restoring the moisture content of the skin.

Protection against tan & sunburn

The virgin and organic coconut oil from Carrington Farm can also be used as protection against sunburn and tan. It acts as a sunscreen and suntan lotion that is a proven fact by research conducted in this particular area.

Unlike sunscreen lotions and creams, coconut oil prevents the harmful UV rays to engage in chemical reactions with sweat, bacterial colony or fungal infections on the skin. It is a great product to use for skin cleansing and detoxification.


  • Cold pressed extra virgin 100% organic coconut oil
  • Can be used as a spread, while backing, cooking, sautéing, frying
  • Made from non-GMO coconuts
  • Does not contain any trace chemicals, artificial coloring & flavoring agents
  • Free from hydrogenated and trans fatty acids
  • Mild coconut scent, taste & consistency
  • Packaging is made from re-usable & recyclable plastic container
  • Ideal for consumption & use as a cosmetic product


  • Packaging material is made from plastic

How the product serves your needs?

The coconut oil sourced from Carrington Farms is undoubtedly one of the leading products in the market at present. The versatile product that is made from non-GMO coconut with the application of organic and efficient cold press technology allows the company to provide the consumer with oil that retains all of its nutritional benefits and natural taste. The coconut oil can be used as a bread spread, as an active ingredient in baking and as cooking oil.

How is the product different from that of its competitors?

Entrepreneurial spirit and innovation are two of the major attributes of the Carrington brand. They work in close collaboration with experts and nutritionists to provide the health conscious modern day consumers with products that speak of quality and assurance bound together.

If we make a comparison between the Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil with one of its competing products like Healthy Origins Liquid Coconut Oil, one of the striking differences that one could readily see is the price. The former is placed in a much more pocket-friendly price range than that of the latter.

On the other hand, Carrington Farms Coconut Oil is made from non-GMO coconuts and is free from all sorts of Trans Fats and Hydrogenated Fats.


The Carrington Farms Coconut Oil is a healthy product that is ideal for domestic use both in the kitchen and in the powder room. The creamy texture of the product along with the bold taste places this product in the lead when compared to that of its competitors.


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