How Long Does Coconut Oil Last?

How Long Does Coconut Oil Last?

Most people ask: “Does Coconut Oil go bad? How long does coconut oil last?”. Like it is always said “nothing lasts forever”. That phrase can also be likened to coconut oil. Though it is an oil gotten naturally but that doesn’t mean it cannot go rancid.

As we know everything has an expiry date and most products come with an expiry date stated on it, but sometimes some products last longer than the date stated on the pack. One of those kind of products is coconut oil. Most coconut oil jars have 18 months from the date of production as the expiry date but sometimes coconut oil might last longer if kept uncontaminated.

A good coconut oil should last for up to 3 years without having an offensive smell or going bad. This can only be possible if the coconut oil is kept well and uncontaminated.

How long can coconut oil last if unopened?

We might have some coconut oil jars we do not want to use yet and might be wondering how long it can last for. Well, good news! it has the capacity to last for as long as the expiry date and sometimes even longer so far it is stored properly. Coconut oil is best stored in the pantry. All you have to do is make sure it is kept at room temperature and the lid is properly placed so as to avoid contamination. If you are able to do this, you would be able to keep your sealed coconut oil for a long time. Contamination in this case might be as little as a food crumb so you have to be really careful with your coconut oil.

How long can coconut oil last after it is opened?

There is guaranteed safety for when it is sealed off so what about when it has been opened. Coconut oil is able to last for as long as its expiry date when it has been opened. This also goes with the condition of having to keep it safe in room temperature (if you want it solid) or in a warm place (if you want it liquid) and also covering it well to avoid contamination. When you open it carelessly after it has been opened, it can get contaminated and then go rancid.

How long can coconut oil last in the fridge?

Storing coconut oil in the fridge is not accepted by everyone because they feel it gets too hard to use. That might be true but it makes it safer if stored in the fridge and properly sealed so it would not be contaminated. When storing in the fridge, make sure crumbs do not get into the jar. If Crumbs get into the jar, the antibacterial agents in the oil tends to react with the coconut oil and cause it to go rancid.

How to identify expired coconut oil

Some manufacturers say coconut oil can last for a long time. Some do not even bother to write the expiry date on the jar, they only write the manufactured date. That might be true sometimes and it might not be, but just in case it is important to know how to identify a coconut oil that has gone bad.

  • Use your senses; when you notice something off about the coconut oil then it might be time to throw it away
  • Check for molds around the jar; if you start to notice molds around the jar then it might be time to throw it away, sometimes it might be caused by contamination of the oil, it might not be because it has expired
  • Check for the smell; the coconut oil smell is very important. If you start to perceive another kind of smell apart from the coconut oil smell if it is the virgin type, then it is time to dispose it. For the refined one, it is meant to be odorless, anything otherwise can mean more harm than good


Coconut Oil usually have a very long shelf life, if properly maintained and stored. For safety reasons, it is better to use the oil before the end of the expiry date stated on the pack.

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