How Much Coconut Oil Is Needed For Weight Loss?


Everyone that is overweight always wants to lose weight at one point or the other. Most people look for an easy way out like slimming tea and the likes while some other people just use the powerful and renowned coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a very important supplement in your diet if you are trying to lose weight. It is better than the conventional types of oil used in cooking and baking, it is even better than olive oil. Coconut oil consists of combination of compounds that are high in saturated fats.

Just in case you have not heard, saturated fats are the good kind of fats that does not clog the arteries or gives you heart diseases at the end of the day(if used in moderation though). Now let’s talk about how much oil is needed to get that dream body you want.

What type of coconut oil is good for weight loss?

As we all know, they are two types of coconut oil; the virgin coconut oil and the refined coconut oil. Both coconut oil still retains the normal properties of coconut oil but they differ from each other a bit. It is advisable to use the virgin coconut oil but both types of coconut oil are very useful for weight loss.

Coconut oil boosts your metabolism

Coconut oil is made up of medium chain triglycerides rather than the long chain triglycerides contained in the normal cooking oil or butter. Medium chain triglycerides help boost the metabolism of the body which means coconut oil can help you lose weight while at rest. Studies have shown that 1 to 2 tablespoons of medium chain triglyceridesboost the body’s metabolism by 5%. It is advisable to take at least 2 tablespoons of coconut oil per day so as to increase your body’s metabolism rate.

Coconut Oil reduces your appetite

One principle of weight loss is expending more calories than you take in. Taking at least a tablespoon of coconut oil per day helps to reduce your appetite thereby controlling how much calories you take in to your body. Including coconut oil to your breakfast can help you control your food intake all through the day. It gives the feeling of fullness so you do not see the need to keep eating too much of food throughout the day.

Coconut Oil helps reduce Abdominal Fat

Coconut oil does not just target the overall body fat but it also targets the abdominal fats specifically. It helps to increase metabolism and reduce appetite thereby reducing how much food you take in so as to reduce how much fats accumulate in your abdominal region.

Does Eating Raw coconut help weight loss too?

Obviously from the name “coconut oil�? it is gotten from coconut but an important question is “can eating raw coconut have the same effect as coconut oil when it comes to weight loss?�?. The answer to this question is Yes. Coconut contains the same thing as coconut oil so it can also be used for weight loss as well. You can eat as much coconut but in moderation so as to achieve weight loss.

Does Coconut Oil contain same amount of Calorie as fats?

Yes, it does, remember fats is 9g of calories so is coconut oil too. Coconut oil contains fats too but it contains the good type of fat. You would gain the same number of calories from taking coconut oil and other types of oil but it gives different benefits to the body. Besides, coconut oil gives a sense of fullness thereby reducing your appetite all day long and that can go a long way in keeping down the calorie gains.


Every class of food is very important to the body so is fats also but sometimes fats might cause more harm than good. Coconut oil contains the kind of fat that is very healthy to the body compared to other kinds of fats which makes it safer and better than the others. It is safe to replace your cooking oil with coconut oil even after you have achieved your weight loss goal. It does not only help you lose weight, it helps you maintain the weight also.


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