How To Use Coconut Oil For Your Skin

How to use Coconut Oil for your skin

Coconut oil is popularly known as a cooking oil but it is now famous for its other numerous uses especially on the skin. Contrary to the belief that it is not advisable to use pure oil on the skin, coconut oil is one of the best moisturizers that can be used on the skin. It is easily absorbed and has natural antioxidant and antibacterial properties which helps to keep our skin safe and healthy.

It is important to know how to use coconut oil for skin care so as to maximize its moisturizing, antioxidant and antibacterial properties and keep our skin healthy. It helps achieve a gorgeous, fresh and glowing skin. Itcan be used in different ways for proper skin care and can also be used for different parts of the body.

Coconut Oil for face acne

Coconut Oil can be used to clear face acne. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties which helps to kill germs on the face and helps clear off pimples. It penetrates the skin and neutralizes inflammations on the face which makes the pimples on the face dry off thereby clearing your face acne. Cold-pressed coconut oil is usually the best to use for face acne. Apply it directly to your pimples in a circular motion and make sure you repeat it at least twice a day.

Coconut oil for skin whitening

Knowing how to use coconut oil for skin whitening purposes can go a long way in achieving that even skin tone you have always wanted. It helps to lighten dark areas of the skin. All you have to do is apply it as a cover on the dark area of the skin for 10 to 15 minutes and then wash the oil off with warm water. It helps reduce the scars on the skin and any other annoying dark areas on the skin.

Coconut Oil on face overnight

It can also be applied on the face overnight as a moisturizer. It makes the skin soft and smooth like a baby’s skin in the morning. When it is used consistently, it produces awesome result. You can just apply it as a normal moisturizer on the face overnight and then wash it off in the morning. It helps to hydrate and restore your skin cells.

Coconut oil for face wrinkles

Everyone hates to see wrinkles on their face whether you are 60 or 70. It helps reverse the inevitable sign of aging which is wrinkles. You can gently massage coconut oil into your skin until it is fully absorbed into your skin. Leave it on your face for 30-45 minutes. You can also apply it on your face after a warm bath as a facial moisturizer. It is not necessary to wash the face with soap after applying the coconut oil.

Coconut oil as make-up remover

Coconut oil can also serve as an efficient make up remover. It can be used to clean off make-up by simply applying it on your face and then wash it off with clean water. Its antibacterial action helps to cleanse every germ that might have accumulated with the make-up and it helps open up the pores on the face of the skin so as to prevent pimples on the face.

Coconut oil as Skin Moisturizer

Coconut oil is not only used to moisturize the face, it can also be used to moisturize the body entirely. It can be used as a body cream and can also be mixed with your body cream to produce great results. It leaves the skin soft and moisturized throughout the day. It can be applied to the body after a morning bath. For those with dry skin, it is advisable to always use coconut oil as a moisturizer because it helps improve dry skin and adds a healthy radiance to your skin.


Coconut oil is very beneficial in general. Its benefits cannot be overlooked in any way. It is a medium chain triglyceride fat and high in saturated fats. It can also be used for different purpose such as hair care, baking, cooking etc. It is important to know how to use coconut oil for skin care so as to be able to maximize the intrinsic benefits of coconut oil.

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