Itsumo Wild Tuna in Coconut Oil

Itsumo Wild Tuna in Coconut Oil

Are you looking for a high protein take anywhere meal?

Then look no further because itsumo wild tuna is what you’re looking for. This an all-natural completely organic meal. You can take this meal anywhere and not have to worry about heating it up. It’s fully cooked and comes in an easy open pouch. You don’t even have to worry about draining it since it’s packaged in coconut oil. The coconut oil even has health benefits.

Some of the things you can look forward, to besides the great taste, when eating itsumo wild tuna is all the different health benefits. Some of those benefits include high protein tuna, coconut oil which is packed full of lauric acid, and gluten free.


  • easy open pouch – it has notched sides to make it so that all you have to do is tear along the notched end and enjoy
  • packaged in coconut oil – you will gain a lot of great health benefits since this tuna was packaged in coconut oil
  • ready to eat – It’s fully cooked before it’s packaged
  • health benefits – high in protein, the coconut oil contains lauric acid


  • ready to eat – fully cooked
  • easy open pouch – notched corners on the package
  • completely organic – made from all natural products


  • Coconut oil doesn’t stay liquid – the coconut oil starts to harden, which makes the tuna somewhat drier than if it was packaged in water or vegetable oil


When it comes to eating healthy you need to be careful what you put into your body. That’s why you need to consider Itsumo wild tuna in coconut oil. It’s completely organic and has a lot of health benefits to offer. It’s packed full of protein and has omega-3 as well. It’s also lactose free. The coconut oil will also give you some added health benefits as well.

The coconut oil has lauric acid, which helps to boost the immune system. Not only that, but the coconut oil doesn’t have any trans-fat in it. You can also expect that any fat found in the coconut oil will be turned into useable energy instead of being stored in the body.

Not only do you get a lot of health benefits, but you will also get an easy to open pouch and a light weight portable meal. So, if you’re the type of person that likes to take hikes then you should consider Itsumo wild fin tuna in coconut oil.


Now that we’ve talked all about the health benefits and the easy to use pouch. We can now move on to comparing Itsumo wild fin tuna to other similar brands and see how well it stands up.

First, let’s talk about wild plant wild albacore tuna. This tuna shares a lot of the same health benefits like being high in protein and packed full of omega-3, but this is where the similarities end. For example,wild plant tuna doesn’t come in an easy open pouch.

So, if you want something that you can take on a hike and eat on the go then you definitely want to look into Itsumo wild fin tuna. Another thing that Itsumo wild fin tuna has that wild plant tuna doesn’t is that its packaged in coconut oil, which will give you even better health benefits.

Next, we are going to compare Itsumo wild fin tuna with chicken of the sea wild albacore tuna. Again, this tuna has a lot of the same features and health benefits of the Itsumo wild fin tuna. There are, however, quite a few things that make Itsumo wild fin tuna stand out.

First, Itsumo wild fin tuna is packaged in coconut oil. So not only will you get great health benefits from the all-natural tuna, but you will also get health benefits from the coconut oil. Another nice feature that Itsumo wild fin tuna has is what it’s packaged in. Chicken of the sea is packaged in water. So, you don’t get any extra nutrients and you will have to drain the tuna before you can eat.


Since we have talked about all of the different health benefits and the easy to use pouch and we even compared Itsumo wild fin tuna in coconut oil to other similar brands we can now go ahead and rate this product. With everything that you’ve read, is there any wonder that Itsumo wild fin tuna has a five-star rating.

You will not only get to enjoy a tasty meal on the go, but you will also be able to get a lot nutrients and different health benefits from eating it. So, if you’re looking for a nice easy, on the go meal that is all natural and packed full of vitamins and nutrients then you should consider Itsumo wild fin tuna in coconut oil.

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