Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil

Nutivia Organic Coconut Oil

Are you looking for an oil that is versatile and can be used for just about anything? Then look no further because nutiva coconut oil is what you’ve been looking for.

This oil can be used both for cooking and as a beauty product. Nutiva Coconut Oil is a healthier alternative to regular cooking oil. It adds great flavor to just about any dish and it has a great taste when used as a spread on bread.

Not only can this oil be used for cooking, but it’s great as a skin care product too. You can use it for a hair conditioner, or a make-up remover. you can also combine it with some sugar and essential oil to make a wonderful body scrub that will leave your skin feeling refreshed.


Organic – You don’t have to worry about any chemicals be added to nutiva coconut oil. This coconut oil is completely organic and doesn’t contain any additives or preservatives. They also make sure that there it’s GMO free.

cooking – Nutiva coconut oil is a good substitute for traditional cooking oil. You can use it any recipe that calls for oil. Another great thing that you can do with this is oil is use it as a spread on your favorite bread.

Cold-pressed –  This is done to preserve all the health benefits of coconut oil. Once the coconut oil is heated to a certain temperature it will become liquid making it perfect for cooking or making any kind of body cream.

beauty product – You can use Nutiva coconut oil for any beauty product. It can be used in the making of lotion, hair treatments and if you add some sugar and essential oils you can have a wonderful body scrub. It can also be used on your face as a make-up remover and you don’t have to worry about it leaving any kind of greasy film.


  • Great for cooking and baking
  • Great to use on skin and hair
  • Can be taken as a vitamin supplement


  • Packaging


Nutiva organic coconut oil is a versatile product that can be used for just about anything. You can use it to cook and bake with and it makes an excellent spread on your favorite butter. It does have a light coconut smell and slight flavoring, but that doesn’t in anyway make a difference in your food. It will add wonderful flavor to all your favorite dishes. Another really nice thing about this coconut oil is that when you use it in your food you will be adding in some essential vitamins as well. So not only does it add great flavor, but it’s also healthier than using traditional cooking oil.

Nutiva coconut oil isn’t just for cooking and baking, you can also use it for your body and hair as well. There are many different uses for Nutiva coconut oil. You can use it as a hair conditioner, body lotion, make-up remover or if you add in some coconut sugar and essential oil it makes a great body scrub. Another really nice thing about this coconut oil is that you don’t have to worry about it leaving any kind of greasy residue on your skin or hair.


Now that you have read about all the things that Nutiva coconut oil can do and all its features, let’s go ahead and compare this product to some of the other top rated coconut oils on the market.

First let’s talk about island fresh coconut oil. This coconut oil is also cold-pressed, but it’s not organic in nature. Meaning that during the cold press process there has been chemicals added into the oil. This is big difference between island fresh and Nutiva coconut oil. Nutiva is 100 percent organic and GMO free. Also, island fresh starts to liquefy at room temperature where Nutiva doesn’t.

Next, we are going to compare Carrington farms coconut oil. This coconut oil is a lot like niutivia they do share a lot of the same features like being organic and GMO free, but this is where the similarities end. Nutiva is highly fragrant and makes for a great flavoring your favorite dishes. Carrington farms coconut oil doesn’t have this quality. The taste and fragrance falls far short when comparing it to Nutiva coconut oil.


Now that we talked about all the great features and did some comparisions of other top rated cold-pressed coconut oils we can now rate the Nutiva Coconut Oil. With everything that you’ve read and learned about Nutiva organic coconut oil you can see why it has a five-star rating.

This rating is well deserved. You get a ton of great features as well as knowing you are using something that is a healthier alternative to traditional cooking oil. So if you’re looking for a coconut oil that can be used for both cooking and as a beauty product make sure that you take a second look at Nutiva Organic Coconut Oil.

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