Plant Therapy Coconut Carrier Oil


Are you looking for an oil that will help make skin care products without leaving an oily feel on your skin?

Then you will be happy to know that Plant Therapy Coconut Oil is perfect for you. This coconut oil has been processed so that it stays liquid and it has also been deodorized and refined.

You will be able to safely use this product in all of your beauty products. Coconut oil soaks into your skin easily, which makes it a great carrying agent for essential oils. Since coconut oil is such a great carrying agent for essential oils it makes it the best oil to use in lotions, hair care products, and massage oils.


Easily absorbs into the skin – This is a great feature to think about if you’re planning on this coconut oil as a massage oil or in lotions. Since it absorbs into your skin so easily you don’t have to worry about any greasy residue on your skin.

100% carrier oil – With Plant Therapy Coconut Oil being a carrier oil it helps the essential oils do their best work. Meaning that the essential oils will be able to seep into the skin and the fragrance will stay with you all day.

No smell and taste – Since there is no smell it makes for a good base when using essential oils. The coconut oil won’t interfere with the different fragrances of essential oils. T

Won’t stain – This is a great feature to have especially if you’re using this oil in any kind of lotion or moisturizer. You don’t have to worry about it staining your clothes when using it as a lotion.


  • Great carrying agent
  • No smell
  • Won’t stain


  • Bad packaging – make sure to check the product for any leaks or punctures; if there’s a problem just send it back and you will get a replacement no questions asked


Plant Therapy Coconut Oil is a great choice if you’re looking to make your own skin and hair products. Not only is it a great carrying agent that allows essential oils to seep into your skin, but it won’t leave a greasy film on your body. It’s a great oil to make any type of body cream, shampoo, conditioners and lotions. You can also use it for massage oils as well.

Plant Therapy Coconut Oil has been made so that it never gets hard. It’s also been refined and deodorized. Having no smell is a great feature to have if you plan on making any kind of hair or beauty products with essential oils; there won’t be any scent from the coconut oil to get in the way.Plant Therapy Coconut Oil is great to use as a massage oil since it easily absorbs into the skin.


Now that we talked about all the different features and pros and cons we can turn out attention to making some comparisons with other top rated coconut oils and see how Plant Therapy Coconut Oil stands up to its competition.

Let’s compare Plant Therapy Coconut Oil with majestic pure coconut oil. Majestic pure and Plant Therapy Coconut Oil share a lot of the same features, but plant therapy does have some things that majestic pure doesn’t. One of the biggest differences is that plant therapy is guaranteed not to stain.

Where the majestic pure doesn’t come with that guarantee. Another thing that makes plant therapy stand out is the fact that it easily absorbs into the skin making it the perfect oil to use in making lotions and using it in massage oils.

Now, let’s talk about healing solutions coconut oil. This coconut oil also shares a lot of the same features with Plant Therapy Coconut Oil, but again there are a few things that Plant Therapy Coconut Oil has that healing solutions doesn’t.

One of the biggest things is the fact that healing solutions doesn’t come with a no staining guarantee like Plant Therapy Coconut Oil. So, if you’re looking for a coconut oil to use in any kind of skin product like lotions or body creams you should definitely look into Plant Therapy Coconut Oil since it guarantees no staining.


Now that you have read all about Plant Therapy Coconut Oil you will see that it deserves its five-star rating. It has a lot of great features like no staining of your clothes, and it’s also made so that there is no smell or taste. There are other really great features that you will get with this product.

So, if you’re looking for a coconut oil carrying agent that is guaranteed to not have a smell and will not stain any of your clothing, then you should take a second look at Plant Therapy Coconut Oil.


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